Mother’s Day

Here ‘s Archie!

Yesterday was Mother’s Day. Thank you Mom’s for all you are doing for your child/children! I hope it was a good day. Here’s the link Google’s Doodle in honor of our moms. Students you can stamp a picture then show your mom. I took a screenshot to save mine. There are turtle stamps! Here’s a recent photo of my tortoise. From, Amy

Driveway or Sidewalk Number Line –

So easy to make and such a great basis for learning games! Simply use chalk to draw a number line on your driveway or sidewalk (1 – 20) and we walk, jump, sidestep, etc along while reverse, counting down from 20? Can they skip count along the number line? So many ways to exercise those motor skills and practice counting!

Materials Needed:

  • Big chalks

Setting Up Your Giant Number Line

  1. Draw a long vertical line using sidewalk chalk.
  2. Then draw short horizontal lines evenly spaced that cross the vertical lines.
  3. Finally, label the horizontal lines from 0-10 (or larger numbers) and you are good to go!

How to Play with Your Giant Number Line:

  • Make it a game and ask two kids to solve the math problem by moving to the correct line. Whoever gets to the correct answer first wins!
  • Another fun variation for kids would be to label the lines 10,20,30,40, etc and give them multiplication facts to solve. Once they know the answer they move between the two numbers that their answer falls between and then they shout out the correct answer.

Sweet Potato Planting Time!

Last fall several elementary students took home beginning sweet potato plants with instructions of how to care for them. Here is a current photo of one student, Owen, at home with his still living sweet potato plant! I am so pleased that his plant survived the winter! Students, did any of your sweet potato plants survive? Now is the time to plant them!

Roots of the sweet potato slips grow quickly when put in water

Sweet Potato Tips:
They like heat but need to be protected from the hot AZ sun in the afternoons. Use a cover pictured here or plant it under a tree so it is protected from the harsh sun. Remember to keep them watered!

Below is a YouTube video showing how easy potato harvesting is when using fabric bags. These are great for home use and can be purchased online at Walmart or any garden shop.

Harvesting with Elementary Students

This year in our garden we were able to grow and harvest many vegetables to taste and create new recipes. Here are some of our elementary students proudly showing what they were finding in the garden.

COVID-19 Edition: Life Discovery Mini-Lesson #1


I hope you all are doing great back at home. While we don’t have proper school environment to teach you stuff, we will always try to find a way to put information into your head.

Today’s “Mini-Lesson” is something simple but very important. As you know, we are battling COVID-19 worldwide. One of the best way to fight this virus is to make sure your hands are all clean when you come back home, or touch anything outside in the public.

This video is the best way to TEACH you– by showing you how. Imagine the black paint as the soap, and you see why you may have missed alot of spots if you have not done it this way!