Online Resources

  • – Deafverse is a choose-your-own-adventure game created just for teenagers. In Duel of the Bots, you get to make own choices, stand up for yourself, and build confidence and skills you can use in real life—even when you don’t have a robot by your side!
  • – Great site with all types of content
  • – Grouped by grade level, has language arts, math, problem solving games and a variety of fun games for individual or group activities.
  • – Has all content area, and is harder than Starfall (listed below), but has many games for K-5th grade grouped by grade level
  • – Has voice/sound for hard of hearing students with visually interesting activities for younger students on alphabet, group reading and a variety of games. Yes, it is phonics-based but for Hard of Hearing kids it is effective. This website also has ASL alphabet activites. Young kids LOVE this site
  • – National Organization for the Deaf with information regarding COVID-19 and other advocacy issues