Mr. Randal Kidd

Hello Everyone!

My name is Randal ‘R.J.’ Kidd, and I teach Career and Life Discovery classes at Phoenix Day School for the Deaf. My class covers a wide range of topics, not only focusing on careers, but also developing skills to cope with the challenges our students face in their current (and future!) lives.

I originally came from Orange County, California, born a few miles from Anaheim Stadium (And Disneyland, too!). I grew up in a house where we turn cardinal and gold during the fall — go USC! — and when I became an young adult, I started jumping all over the place. I have ended up in Virginia, D.C., Rochester, N.Y, and now Phoenix, Arizona!

I attended three colleges and universities — Gallaudet University, Rochester Institute of Technology, and Arizona State University. I have a large family at home that I love dearly.

My goal is to ensure that when my student leaves my classroom, they will at least understand that there is always a way out of anything in life — and that they will face it with the best knowledge I can give them (and use it).