Grading Policy

The PLUS program is a concept that PDSD is implementing to support both academic teachers by providing more instructional planning, and the school’s educational goals by providing more robust and supplemental education to the students. PLUS will promote student growth in areas such as social, culture and nature that is not covered by their typical classes.

The PLUS program will be using a traditional grading system, which reflects the nature of the classes that are provided to the students once a week based on their grade level. The grading system the PLUS program utilizes will be based on two factors: Participation and Educational Activities (Graded as ‘Quality of Work’). In Participation, the student will be graded based on attendance, participation in class activities, and respect of others. An unexcused absence will impact the student’s grade in the Participation category only; an excused absence will be considered as exempt from all grading that day and thus has no grade impact on the student. However, if a student’s absences exceeds two times per quarter, the teacher will contact the parents and the grading teacher will determine the correct action regarding their future excused absences. In Educational Activities, the student will be graded based on the quality of their work, assignments, or activities done with the class. An unexcused absence will not be graded in the Educational Activities section and will not be counted in the final grade.

You will be graded from A to F once a week. We will grade you on two things: your participation in class, and how you did your educational activities (which includes any and all activities, paperwork, or discussion in-class). Late assignments will be graded by each teacher on their own discretion if they want to accept these late assignment or not. 

You will receive points for every day you show up. If you are tardy, we will take points away from your grade. If you have an reason to be excused from school, then we will not take points from you. But, if you have more than two excused absences in a quarter we will contact your parents to make sure everything is alright with you. If your absence is unexcused we will give you an 0  for the day’s grade in the participation grade.