What are you doing at home, Dave!

Since I have a lemon tree and it have been producing abuncance lemons. I decided to make something that I haven’t done before besides couple things. My friends made fun of my lemon projects and called me Señor Limon 🙂

Here is a picture of my precious “Lemon Tree!” Yes, I trimmed the tree after the harvest.

Lemon Ricotta Cookies

Lemon Curds

Lemon Marmalade

Lemon Rinds/. Lemon Syrup (It is like maple syrup)

Lemon French Toast

Lemon Sorbet

I even grew lemon trees from the lemon seeds to give my mother for Mother’s Day so she can stop stealing my lemons. Just kidding!

I also donated the remaining lemons to my community via NextDoor App. They gobbled over hundreds lemons up with in a day. I also gave some to my friends as well.

What are you doing at home, Marty??

What I am doing at home? I have about over 35 plants in my place that including my garden pots (tomatoes, cucumbers, banana peppers, parsley, lemon, and spinach). I love plants because I enjoy looking at the plants and they make me happy! While I am on my break, I typically check on my plants to see if they need more water or sun.

Here’s the picture of me with my plants!

How to play: Six Card Golf


Standard 52 card deck


Each player is dealt 6 cards face down from the deck. The remainder of the cards are placed face down, and the top card is turned up to start the discard pile beside it. Players arrange their 6 cards in 2 rows of 3 in front of them and turn 2 of these cards face up. The remaining cards stay face down and cannot be looked at.


The object is for players to have the lowest value of the cards in front of them by either swapping them for lesser value cards or by pairing them up with cards of equal rank.

Beginning with the player to the dealer’s left, players take turns drawing single cards from either the stock or discard piles. The drawn card may either be swapped for one of that player’s 6 cards, or discarded. If the card is swapped for one of the face down cards, the card swapped in remains face up. The round ends when all of a player’s cards are face-up.

A game is nine “holes” (deals), and the player with the lowest total score is the winner.


Each ace counts 1 point.
Each 2 counts minus 2 points.
Each numeral card from 3 to 10 scores face value.
Each jack or queen scores 10 points.
Each king scores zero points.
A pair of equal cards in the same column scores zero points for the column (even if the equal cards are 2s).

High School Making Time for our Youngest Roadrunners

Once a month, the preschool classes of Stephanie Voss and Robin Eichner joined some of the Sustainable Living Lab high school classes for some fun learning activities. Here’s a slideshow of three months of gatherings.

What are you doing at home, Janey??

You can share it with me by sending me an email with your fun activities at home. I would love to hear from you!

Mother’s Day

Here ‘s Archie!

Yesterday was Mother’s Day. Thank you Mom’s for all you are doing for your child/children! I hope it was a good day. Here’s the link Google’s Doodle in honor of our moms. Students you can stamp a picture then show your mom. I took a screenshot to save mine. There are turtle stamps! Here’s a recent photo of my tortoise. From, Amy


Coronavirus: Mini Lesson #1

* Transcription below.*

See that picture? It is an artist’s description of what Coronavirus (COVID-19) looks like. We know you may have questions about why this little thing (it is VERY little) messes up with our world in a blink.

So I m here to answer your questions that you may have.

Will I get sick? Will everyone get sick?

First of all, Do NOT Worry. Take a deep breath. It is okay. But we do know that it will be a hard time for us to learn how to recover. This is not your simple flu where you feel lousy for a while then you get better. But, you will be able give yourself the best chance NOT to get sick if you and your family do the following:

  • Stay Healthy by washing your hands every time you go out and come back in.
  • Do not touch your face because thats how the germs gets into you. If you need to touch your face, wash your hands first!
  • Do not go close to other people. This also means no going over each other’s houses to sleep over. They may be sick and not know it yet!
  • If possible, use a mask to cover your mouth when you are outside in public. This will NOT stop you from getting sick, but prevents spread if everyone uses it. Why? The cloth mask will stop it from going past the cloth, but does not stop the air from coming in.
  • Be Patient. Things are different and may be scary. We will be fine!

There are people who have COVID-19 and is doing fine or they may feel it as being sick, but not so bad! They do not show sickness symptoms. This is why COVID-19 is dangerous– people can spread this without knowing they have it. This is why it is important for you to wash your hands, stay away from other people, and do not touch your faces. You don’t know where the virus is. You can’t even see it without an microscope, remember!

Before I start, please remember that your family and your doctors and nurses and EMT s are all working hard to help us beat this sickness. Now, what happens if you get sick? Well, it depends on how sick you get. Most of us should get light sickness, with hard breathing and coughing. If that happens, you have to see the doctors immediately and they will test you with a cotton swab to find out if you’re fine or not. This test is new, and may not be comfortable.

Some will get really sick, and they will be in the hospital for a while. They need doctors to help them breathe. They may need ventilators to help them breath normally. They may experience serious body issues such as strokes and damage to their lungs. They will need help to heal for a long, long time. Remember, this is not a simple flu and is the reason why we should take this VERY seriously.

But, scientists says that we should be more worried about older people than young people your age. That means your parents, your grandparents, people with previous health problems, and other older people are at a higher risk may need to be put in a safer place to make sure they get all the help they need from the hospital. It may be possible or required that you or your family to be quarantined for safety reasons.

Hey, Remember one of the things you have to do, which is to keep away from other people? This also means you cannot visit sick people in hospitals at all. You have to trust the doctors that they can do what they can to help their sick patients, which may be your family.

I know it is a scary time. Do not be worried– as long as you follow the four things — wash your hands often, do not touch your faces, use masks and avoid people– we may be able to beat this.

IF you have more questions email me at randal.kidd@asdb.az.gov, or come chat with us on Wednesday at 1pm on Zoom (link here) to ask us directly and we will be happy to answer your questions!

Driveway or Sidewalk Number Line –

So easy to make and such a great basis for learning games! Simply use chalk to draw a number line on your driveway or sidewalk (1 – 20) and we walk, jump, sidestep, etc along while reverse, counting down from 20? Can they skip count along the number line? So many ways to exercise those motor skills and practice counting!

Materials Needed:

  • Big chalks

Setting Up Your Giant Number Line

  1. Draw a long vertical line using sidewalk chalk.
  2. Then draw short horizontal lines evenly spaced that cross the vertical lines.
  3. Finally, label the horizontal lines from 0-10 (or larger numbers) and you are good to go!

How to Play with Your Giant Number Line:

  • Make it a game and ask two kids to solve the math problem by moving to the correct line. Whoever gets to the correct answer first wins!
  • Another fun variation for kids would be to label the lines 10,20,30,40, etc and give them multiplication facts to solve. Once they know the answer they move between the two numbers that their answer falls between and then they shout out the correct answer.

Earth Day’s 50th Anniversary April 22, 2020

We missed celebrating Earth Day at PDSD this year. Thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic The 50th Anniversary of Earth Day was missed by many schools across the world. Still I want to share a link to the NASA website. Middle and High School students and parents here are some learning opportunities for you.


Kindergarten and First Graders! Here is a fun game on my favorite reading website StarFall.com Help the girl and boy clean up the liter to help our Earth!


I have always loved the Google Doodles. When I was teaching our computer class, we participated in the doodle competition every year. Here’s this year’s interactive EARTH DAY DOODLE!

This doodle is an interactive bee hunt! You will pollinate the flowers as you as you move through the game. You will also learn some important facts about the Very Important BEE!


All my students know I LOVE BEES! This video was filmed in my backyard. Check out this very focused bee! You can even see the young seeds developing in the center. 🙂