Flash Back 4 Years

When I was a technology teacher my 8th grade students would create music videos. Today I want to share a video created by several of the young ladies who are graduating this year from PDSD. It’s too big to post here but here’s the link to SCHOOL’S OUT!


This video was made by that same 8th grade group! Several of the students have moved on to other schools but not all! Enjoy!

Earth Day’s 50th Anniversary April 22, 2020

We missed celebrating Earth Day at PDSD this year. Thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic The 50th Anniversary of Earth Day was missed by many schools across the world. Still I want to share a link to the NASA website. Middle and High School students and parents here are some learning opportunities for you.


Kindergarten and First Graders! Here is a fun game on my favorite reading website StarFall.com Help the girl and boy clean up the liter to help our Earth!


I have always loved the Google Doodles. When I was teaching our computer class, we participated in the doodle competition every year. Here’s this year’s interactive EARTH DAY DOODLE!

This doodle is an interactive bee hunt! You will pollinate the flowers as you as you move through the game. You will also learn some important facts about the Very Important BEE!


All my students know I LOVE BEES! This video was filmed in my backyard. Check out this very focused bee! You can even see the young seeds developing in the center. 🙂

PLUS Office Hours


Hello! We would like to provide the opportunity to have you or your students join us for an Office Hour session on Zoom on Wednesdays at 1pm!

We will be open for tutoring assistance, to provide the students a chance to reconnect with their teachers, and to also answer any questions the students may have to a wide variety of topics (Corona-virus, Life skills questions, and other questions).

The Zoom link will be posted on Tuesday May 5th here on this page.

We hope to see you!

-PLUS Team


Password: 191917